Donor Churn and Prediction Models


Use Case: Donor Churn and Prediction Models




Nonprofit organizations can benefit a great deal from the analysis of their data. Using that conclusion, it is easier to forecast the factors that affect their donor membership and

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The success of manufacturing for a business depends on constantly finding new ways through which they can streamline their operations. While it may have meant reexamination of every process in the past, it doesn’t work that way anymore. After all,

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As Villanova University found out, an increasing number of chief marketing officers are now beginning to allocate more money to market analytics. They report that the figures for an average American business are 6.5 percent. That’s how much of the

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AI Companies and their products have already begun redefining industries. All the facilities that today’s consumer wants, such as personalization, faster processing, and advanced features are now possible due to big data, automation, and machine learning. Different industries, such as

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colorful words saying big data

Companies that understand the way big data can improve business for them are hiring data scientists for the job. In fact, they have begun dividing their team of scientists into three tracks that lead to sure success, i.e., for inference,

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top ai companies

The Top AI Companies and many startups have embraced the disruption that artificial intelligence has been causing in the past few years. According to The New York Times, there are more than 40 AI firms who are just working on

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data analytics strategy

Just as the various bones in your body are connected to each other, a business should connect its data strategy to its analytics strategy for success. Furthermore, their business strategy should have the support of both data and analytics strategies.

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Application of Speech and Text Analytics solutions in call centers is beneficial to companies; the solutions can be focused internally on their agents, services, products or externally on their customers.

Most companies use call centers to manage their sales and …

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Our services are easy to understand: We use Data Science to help our customers maximize revenue.

Our analytics services result in new insights about your customers and business processes.  Buried within your data are thousands of details, clues, and insights …

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