Call Center – Speech and Text Analytics

Application of Speech and Text Analytics solutions in call centers is beneficial to companies; the solutions can be focused internally on their agents, services, products or externally on their customers.

Most companies use call centers to manage their sales and services. As of 2015, it is estimated that there are approximately 6,800 facilities around the US. The typical call service center receives thousands of customer communications (voice, emails, feedback comments) each day. Call centers have realized the need for analytics to improve their key performance metrics. Call center companies are constantly investing in technology (machine learning, speech analytics) to automate their data analysis and make crucial timely decisions.

Typical use cases and benefits of machine learning solutions
1. Identifying customers intent/sentiment. Predictive analytics solutions help to identify profitable prospects or at-risk customers fast and proactively responding to improve companies bottom line.
2. Automated quality assurance. Predictive analytics solutions analyze & measure 100% of the communication and also agents performance/compliance. Without speech analytics, companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have humans manually listen and analyze less than 5% of their calls missing valuable insights in other 95% of calls.
3. Improve customer experience. Predictive analytics solutions can help extract common root causes of problems associated with product/service/other changes. Common Root cause analysis helps business to address the fix to avoid future calls and improve their customer satisfaction.

4Sights Customer case study
In 2018, 4Sights’s automated predictive analytics solution helped our client save thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for manual effort handling about 700k/calls per month. Other benefits to the customer included
● Real-time customer classification with increased speed and accuracy.
● Increased Revenue opportunity with improved Lead quality and faster Lead identification
● Scalable solution to business demands without the additional resource cost

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