Salesforce Einstein AI Solutions for Sales and Service

Salesforce Einstein AI Solutions for Sales and Service

The Client relationship services have various degrees of development with regards to incorporating new channels, for example, social media, webchat. They all offer the regular need to follow and improve consumer loyalty. There are different approaches to gauge consumer loyalty, such as surveys, text and speech analytics, and Service agent’s performance score. However, it is hard for contact centers to know how to use these metrics to improve operations and reduce customer churn. If predicted CSAT scores have been embedded into the Service agent’s desktop with every customer interaction and Next Best Action (NBA). The contact centers can route and prioritize the customers based on their importance. Our 4sights team has developed an AI solution using Salesforce Einstein. This AI solution provides predicted customer satisfaction scores to the service agents, leading causes and next best action in order to improve Customer Satisfaction and help them to make decisions on how to handle the interactions and retain the customers happy.

Add this new layer of intelligence to your customer service. How? See the figure below:

Improve your Customer Service

Empower your service agents using 4sights Salesforce Einstein solution to predict and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. With CSAT Prediction, you can get an improved comprehensive understanding of the past and current customer interactions. Agents can take real-time actions recommended by Salesforce Einstein to improve the CSAT score while working on a new case.

Reduce your Customer Churn – Defend your Revenue

Discover which of your customers are likely to churn and the relevant factors using historic data using Einstein AI.

With Einstein Analytics you can put together huge amounts of structured and unstructured customer experience data, to reveal how customer service gaps are leading to revenue risk.



Use Salesforce Einstein models to uncover complex risk patterns from the huge pool of data and predict at-risk customers across various lifecycle stages.



Take a systematic approach to boost customer revenue by addressing customer service issues, frontline performance gaps, and churn leading causes.



Use recommended offers to proactively retain your high-risk, high-value customers before they cancel, and automatically apply offers and route their calls to retention


This will enable businesses to develop a targeted approach at customer level to retain and improve their relationship.