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Analytical & data-driven insights are at the crux of understanding both your business and customer base. 4Sights Analytics works closely with your business leaders to develop and implement data analytics solutions to help you address your business challenge. Through our customized data science solutions, you maximize your revenue potential and experience continued success.

Customer Churn Analysis

What is Customer Churn?

Customer churn is when existing customers leave your business (churn) and go to your competitors, or stop purchasing your product or service altogether. Customer churn is also known as customer attrition.

Why Customer Churn Analysis is

Product and Service Recommendations to Up-sell, Cross-sell

Improve your customer experience and business revenue by developing understanding of customer behavior and interactions with your products. Typical business offers many products and services.  Not all customers buy all products/services offered by business.  Customers have a choice when buying …

Sales Data Analysis & Recommendations

  • Lead conversion and scoring

Models to answer – What is a given Sales Lead’s likelihood of closing and the value. Lead scoring helps the sales leaders to prioritize their resource allocation and time to improve their operations and the revenues.…

Customer Experience

We’ve come to the point where customer experience is crucial to the health of any business. With more consumers relying on reviews and social media to communicate opinion, it’s important to know what people are thinking and feeling when they …

Product and Service Quality Analysis

Determine root causes for quality issues in either the Product or Service.  Understand the factors contributing to service delays and construct preventive measures.…

Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications

Application of Speech and Text Analytics solutions in call centers is beneficial to companies; the solutions can be focused internally on their agents, services, products or externally on their customers.  NLP models can be used to

  1. Identifying customers intent/sentiment. Analyze

Supply Chain Management

Predict supply & demand to maintain optimal inventories. How many of what things do we need and where will you need them?  Enables lean inventory and prevents out of stock situations.…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is used in various business applications (for example processing of Orders and Invoices or handling customer service requests) to eliminate repetitive manual tasks.  RPA solutions reduce operating costs, improve quality, and improve productivity working 24/7 …

Salesforce Einstein AI Solutions for Sales and Service

The Client relationship services have various degrees of development with regards to incorporating new channels, for example, social media, webchat. They all offer the regular need to follow and improve consumer loyalty. There are different approaches to gauge consumer loyalty, …