Our Approach

We provide analytical insights into business


Phase 1 – Discovery & Solution Design

We help you fully understand the current state and the desired future state of your business. 

There are multiple steps within this discovery phase:

  • Define and analyze your challenges, goals, vision
  • Review, then define ACTUAL current business processes
  • We examine your data and their sources to determine data-readiness for analytics

We use the above information to define the project requirements, design, overall approach and project schedule.  We then provide a proposal document that includes the summary and details of our findings, a high-level project design plan, cost estimate, timeline, and contract terms.


Phase 2 – Implementation

We work with you to ensure that every step of the implementation provides the maximum value, without affecting your ongoing business activities.  Our best-practices approach to implementation ensures that our solutions include both short-term and long-term benefits.  

Elements of a 4Sights Analytics implementation:

  • Build, Test, and Deploy the solution, using Agile Methodology
  • Integration of models in to production systems, CRM, ERP etc.
  • Train Stakeholders and End-users on understanding and using the solution

At every step throughout each phase, we interact with your team to ensure an interactive and participatory solution that keeps you updated and informed.


Phase 3 – Managed Services

We understand that your business needs are unique, and that market conditions often change, radically altering established norms.  Sometimes the business climate and market factors you’ve based your business on change, invalidating earlier assumptions.

4Sights Analytics can ensure that industry changes don’t obsolete your business analytics models.

Our managed services provide ongoing support for the analytics solutions we’ve implemented.  You get performance monitoring, validation, upkeep, and tuning to deliver continuous improvements to the overall solution.