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Grow Your Revenue Through Data Analytics-Driven Decisions

Analytical & data-driven insights are at the crux of understanding both your business and customer base. 4Sights Analytics provides data analytics consulting services to help you navigate ever-flowing and ever-changing floods of invaluable data. Through our customized data science solutions, you maximize your revenue potential and experience continued success.

Digging for Data With an Innovative Data Analytics Consulting Company

Big data has put businesses in the midst of a modern-day gold rush. But, in order to strike it rich, you need to know what to look for and how to use it. 4Sights Analytics utilizes the CRISP-DM methodology to transform mounds of quality data into digestible and effective solutions for business.  Simply put, data science can be complicated and perplexing; however, you don’t need an in-house team of scientists or mastery of algorithms to harness its power.

Analytics Consulting Services

With 4Sights Analytics, you know where your business is and where it’s going.  

  • Customer Experience

    We’ve come to the point where customer experience is crucial to the health of any business. With more consumers relying on reviews and social media to communicate opinion, it’s important to know what people are thinking and feeling when they interact with your brand.But, how do you turn subjective data into objective insight?Through 4Sight’s sentiment analysis, viewpoints and tone are scientifically identified and categorized to give you critical customer experience information. From there, you’re able to personalize products and services to increase conversion rates.

  • Customer Churn Analysis

    When a customer abandons your product, service, or even your brand, the damage is larger than a simple loss of income. After the relationship ends, a good amount of time and money must be spent in filling the “hole”.

    Our prediction models allow you to effectively manage client expectations. You’re able to get to the root of a lost customer’s behavior so you can predict the possibility of churn and stop it before it happens. This is just one of the many examples of how data analytics consulting can save your organization money.

  • Product and Service Recommendations for Deciphering Sales Techniques

    Knowing when and what to up-sell or cross-sell is essential in maximizing a sale’s potential. But, it’s not an easy feat to know exactly which products or services have the most potential for accomplishing this goal.

    Enter 4Sights Analytics’ data analytics consulting services.

    With algorithms and tools that have real-time access to e-commerce shopping carts, we give you the tools to understand your customer’s buying habits, suggest order add-ons, and boost earning ability at the point of transaction.

  • Sales Data Analysis and Recommendations

    You’re good at what you do. You attract leads with your exceptional products and services. How on Earth do you know which leads are more likely to end up faithful customers?

    Don’t worry, a data analytics company has you covered here!

    4Sights Analytics Consulting process incorporates looking for and identifying scoring systems that once implemented, turn a lead’s demographics and behavior into an indicator of viability. From this, you’re able to easily decipher which leads will appreciate product bundling, coupons, or other strategic discounts. You immensely increase the chance of a lead converting into a customer.

  • Machine Learning Models

    We build machine learning models to analyze data and can “see” information that is hidden to the human eye. The model is trained to locate patterns, draw conclusions, and predict outcomes.

    You’re able to confidently make the decisions that are vital to your business.

    To ensure quality and reliability, 4Sights utilizes top machine learning and analytics tools (Microsoft ML, Frameworks TensorFlow, and Knime).

  • Data Visualization

    We’re a data science company who can provide you with loads of insight; however, what good does it do you if you don’t understand the implications of that insight? This is why we also take the information that’s collected and convert it to easy-to-understand visual representations. Our goal is to ensure you don’t need to learn algorithms or scientific principles to take advantage of extremely valuable data.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once our analysis is complete, we test and embed prediction models into your system – whether those be internal ERP systems, or online shopping experiences.

    But, it doesn’t end there.

    Due to the fluctuating nature of the market or other external factors, your business may find itself in a period of transition. In this situation, you want to feel confident that your analytics solutions will adapt accordingly. We continue to support and maintain our models so you always have reliable insights at your fingertips.

4Sights Analytics Is THE Data Science Solution Provider

No matter what industry you’re in, you have a wealth of data at your disposal. Let 4Sights Analytics help turn your precious data into increased revenue and business growth. Once a customized solution is implemented, the tasks that are usually difficult and time-consuming become a cinch:

  • Make important decisions backed by solid data
  • Predict the outcome of actions, behaviors, and trends
  • Easily solve internal and external problems
  • Understand trends to better serve customer needs
  • Create tailored products and services
  • Acquire, satisfy, and retain customers
  • Pinpoint abnormalities such as fraud
  • Identify internal revenue and expense trends
  • Improve internal processes and increase operational efficacy
  • Properly allocate resources (money, equipment, personnel, etc.) to match the goals of the company

The Whole Process Is Quite Simple

4Sights Analytics does all the technical heavy lifting for you. Our team has decades of experience in analytics consulting, business operations improvement, and software development. Our approach is based on the understanding that no one business is alike, and an individual company’s needs must be addressed in a unique manner.

Discovery and Solution Design

We discern the current state of your business, as well as what you want it to look like in the future. We discuss your project and identify goals, problems, and what you see as success. We review your business processes and data to come up with a customized proposal.


We make this phase as painless as possible. Without disrupting your day-to-day operations, we build the solution, test it, and deploy it utilizing Agile Methodology. We then embed the models into your management system (i.e. ERP or CRM). Additionally, we train all end-users on how to operate the solution.

Managed Services

We provide ongoing support because we understand that the longevity of our solution is key to your continued success. We maintain the system, monitor its performance, and make any improvements as needed.

Are You Ready to Put Your Data to Work for You?

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